Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi

Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi
By - Lt Col (Retd) D Purushothaman Pillay

A chic hangout at Fort Kochi, famous for its breakfast, coffee & cakes. Try it out, if in that area for the KMB. I love the ambience & the atmosphere! It enjoys a legendary repeat value, among all those who saunter there once. A casual visit transforms into a 'must visit' every time you are in that vicinity. Our every foray into Fort Kochi, in the past five years, religiously finds time for atleast a quick cup of coffee at this cafe. I think we are quite close to our centurion visit there. The ownership has changed hands recently; but mercifully that "feel" has been left untampered, other than the change-induced welcome spruce up with a customary coat of fresh paint & varnish on anything which absolutely needed that. However discernably the enthusiastic service has jumped to a newer efficiency level and has definitely acquired a  brisk urgency, from the earlier laidback laziness. I would love to exchange notes with first time visitors; to know from them, if they feel the same attraction; even today. If only to demistify the plausible reasons for such a durable magnetism this space has been consistently enjoying, over all these years, in the hearts of all those who wander into that space! Could it be Feng-Shui?


  1. Lovely . In here , i would chew a lot lot slower . Never would let the moments go by in a jiffy .

    1. Very true. Bestowed with great character and atmosphere, this is one place to savour the food and soak in the ambience, at leisure. Hurry has no place in such spaces.